Companies That Sponsor Illegal Drug Use

Recently A TV show on TBS called “The Detour” featured characters enjoying  illegal drug use.

We all know there is a good reason that some substances are banned and illegal. They destroy lives, tear apart families, and lead addicts to commit crimes.

For some reason, the liberals have decided to glamorize illegal drug use, and the following companies decided to sponsor a show that features characters enjoying illegal drugs. This sends the signal that they support the content of the program – use of illegal drugs.

Dunkin Donuts

Metro PCS

Cosentyx / Novartis Pharmaceuticals -

Twix –

Liberty Mutual Insurance – 1-800-383-7305

AT&T – –

Kohler –

Why would they do this? Why not send an email and ask!? Let us know what they say!



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a great 2016!!!

I want to give a special thanks to the PC police that have notified me how oppressive and offensive it is to wish people a Happy New Year around January 1. Evidently, since the Jewish New Year, Islamic New Year and Chinese New Year (and probably others) occur at different times of the year, it is oppressive for Americans to force the Julian calendar on everyone.

So the next time you try to offer your Liberal comrades good wishes, you should expect them to be offended and act as if you are an evil oppressor. Yay for everyone.



Hillary Is Using Obama’s 2008 Playbook

In 2008 Democrat Barack Hussein Obama ran a campaign that smacked of class warfare propaganda. He reached out to the poor, the uneducated, the stupid, and the lazy. He told them that their problems were not their own fault – instead they were victims of a corrupt system that unfairly rewarded the rich and powerful. He promised change they could believe in.

Seven years later, after almost two terms of Democrat policies in the White House, Hillary Clinton is using the exact same tactics. Her heart is bleeding for the working poor. She feels their pain. She says it’s just horrible how they work so hard and yet they can’t afford homes, college tuition, and every darn thing their hearts desire. Never mind that her party has been setting national policies since 2008.

It seems she is promising everything from free college to bigger paychecks. She doesn’t seem to explain how it is that she will deliver these wonderful gifts to the victimized potential voter. THIS TIME the candidate will really change the system to benefit the little guy. I guess she’ll somehow force companies to pay more to American workers instead of offshoring to cheaper alternatives.

It seems clear that Hillary Clinton is selling out her former boss and party member. If he succeeded in delivering his campaign promises, the helpless Americans wouldn’t be in such awful predicaments. Clearly Hillary Clinton is saying that our current President failed to deliver on his promises. So she’s making the same promises and hoping that voters are stupid enough to believe the same empty promises again and again.

Let’s hope the voters are smart enough to see through this charade. Let’s hope they remember the rhetoric of 2004. Let’s hope they question why things will somehow be different this time. Let’s hope they are tired of hearing the same old song and dance about changing the system for the little guy.

We’ve heard this one before. Somehow we’ll probably hear it again regardless of who wins in 2016.


The Night Before Movie Mockery

For the record, I haven’t seen the new movie The Night Before, and I certainly don’t intend to give them my money, based on the commercials. I suppose if they want to send me a link to a free copy online, I could watch to see if the commercials are misleading. Also, I’m all for the freedom of speech the allows people to make movies that offend others.

According to the commercials, it looks like a bunch of non-Christians are making a mockery of the Christian religion; and as always they are trying to take the Christianity out of Christmas.

So, why would a studio green-light a movie like this? OK, we all know the answer is that they want to make money. Is that a good reason to make movies like this? Is the freedom of speech a good reason to make movies like this?

So far I haven’t heard any uproar about this travesty. Maybe the Christians are so used to being derided and attacked by their Liberal comrades that they have simply quit fighting and have given up. Can you imagine the uproar if a bunch of non-Liberal people tried to mock something non-Christians consider sacred? The Liberal Media would have them for lunch.

Congratulations to the Liberals for taking over America. And congratulations to the people behind this movie – you got me to provide some of the beloved “free publicity.” And finally, Happy Holidays, as you demand that we wish everyone.