Republican Candidates Debate 9/16/15

Here are some notes on the Republican candidates debates of 9/16/15…

I watched most of the 6PM debate. There were only four candidates, which made for a nice debate. Each person had plenty of time, and there was a lot of back and forth. I thought they all did well.

I watched all of the 8PM debate. Donald J Trump tried to make some snippy remarks at the expense of Rand Paul, but I thought they fell flat. Later, Trump actually talked about the serious issues and I think he did fine.

I don’t think anyone separated themselves from the pack in either a good or bad way. No one had a bad showing, and everyone did well. I think this debate muddies the waters. There’s a long way to go until the convention.

IF I had to pick a winner, I’d probably go with Carly Fiorina. I really didn’t think she had much of a chance going in, but I feel like she gained the most in the debate. I can’t be sure, but it sounded like she got a strong response from the women in the live audience. If anyone gets a boost from the debates, I suspect it will be Fiorina.

The next debate is going to be among Democrat candidates on CNN. That should be a softball-throwing fest if there ever was one.


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