Privatize National Endowment For The Arts

Actors, directors, writers, and musicians consider themselves artists. While most people in these professions will never be successful, those who do succeed often make large sums of money. Millions of dollars. Far more than the average taxpayer.

Currently the poor taxpayer supports arts through the National Endowment for the Arts – even if they find the art to be disgusting and offensive. Instead, it’s time for the successful artists to give back to their unsuccessful brethren artists. In my opinion, most of the “starving artists” aren’t very good and will never succeed on their own. They need a rich benefactor to support them. But not the hardworking Americans who struggle to support their own family while paying taxes through the nose.

Surely people like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Quincy Jones and Jerry Seinfeld could afford to reach into their pockets – instead of yours and mine. If all of the rich artists donated a substantial amount, they could endow the arts themselves. It would take the burden off of ma and pa middle-class American.

So write your representatives, write the presidential candidates, and write your favorite successful artists. Tell them to stop taking your hard earned money to pay for this disgrace.

Let’s take the burden off of the American taxpayer and place it right where it belongs – the talented, wealthy artists that have profited handsomely from the arts.

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