Hillary Is Using Obama’s 2008 Playbook

In 2008 Democrat Barack Hussein Obama ran a campaign that smacked of class warfare propaganda. He reached out to the poor, the uneducated, the stupid, and the lazy. He told them that their problems were not their own fault – instead they were victims of a corrupt system that unfairly rewarded the rich and powerful. He promised change they could believe in.

Seven years later, after almost two terms of Democrat policies in the White House, Hillary Clinton is using the exact same tactics. Her heart is bleeding for the working poor. She feels their pain. She says it’s just horrible how they work so hard and yet they can’t afford homes, college tuition, and every darn thing their hearts desire. Never mind that her party has been setting national policies since 2008.

It seems she is promising everything from free college to bigger paychecks. She doesn’t seem to explain how it is that she will deliver these wonderful gifts to the victimized potential voter. THIS TIME the candidate will really change the system to benefit the little guy. I guess she’ll somehow force companies to pay more to American workers instead of offshoring to cheaper alternatives.

It seems clear that Hillary Clinton is selling out her former boss and party member. If he succeeded in delivering his campaign promises, the helpless Americans wouldn’t be in such awful predicaments. Clearly Hillary Clinton is saying that our current President failed to deliver on his promises. So she’s making the same promises and hoping that voters are stupid enough to believe the same empty promises again and again.

Let’s hope the voters are smart enough to see through this charade. Let’s hope they remember the rhetoric of 2004. Let’s hope they question why things will somehow be different this time. Let’s hope they are tired of hearing the same old song and dance about changing the system for the little guy.

We’ve heard this one before. Somehow we’ll probably hear it again regardless of who wins in 2016.


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