Tax Cuts for Job Creators

I’d like to propose a new wrinkle to the tax code: No income taxes at all on those who make more than $1 Million per year – as long as they spend money on a new home, a new luxury car, yacht, private jet, club memberships, or lavish vacations*

Clearly, all of the above activities create jobs for lesser people and laborers. Someone has to maintain those cars. Someone has to clean their hotel rooms. Someone has to cook their meals. Don’t even get me started with all of the jobs created when a new luxury home is built. The possibilities are endless – home builders, designers, landscapers, component builders, and on down the line.

Think of the boon to the economy. Why do we punish these American heroes as well as the lower class workers? Truly this tax plan is a win-win.

Please write your legislators, leaders and the media to promote and support this plan.

God Bless America!

*monetary details of this plan to be determined

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