Free One Way Cruise To China

Have you noticed how so many liberals hate America and want to change it into some kind of communist nation?

Instead of ruining the greatest nation in the history of the world, why don’t they leave and go to a country that is already communist?

Every day ships full of Chinese-made goods land in our ports, then return to China nearly empty.

Let’s fill those vessels with radical liberal commies and ship them off to China – that utopia of the worker.

We just need a conservative Republican sponsor to pay for the trip. We all know the liberals won’t want to pay for their own fare.

So talk to all of the wealthy conservatives you know and try to find someone to foot the bill. It’s really an investment in America because the country will be much better off without these subversive socialists weighing us down and using up all of our hard earned tax dollars.

Be sure to let us know if you get this idea up and running – we’ll help spread the word.

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