George W. Bush: Best President of the 21st Century…And Beyond

Most people agree that Ronald Reagan was the greatest American president of the 20th century. Those are some big shoes to fill.

The only man that could possibly live up to those lofty standards was George W. Bush.

Can you imagine if 9/11 had occurred during the Obama administration? We’d all be living under sharia law today. And don’t think that Obama wouldn’t love to see that.

When George W. Bush was notified that the country was under attack, did he cower and hide under a desk like Jimmy Carter would have?

No! He kept reading to the children. Imagine the sense of security and safety those lucky kids must have felt. A whole generation of Americans grew up looking to George W. Bush as a protective patriarch.

When the Democrat-controlled Congress caused the financial crisis at the end of George W. Bush’s administration, he could have gone on vacation like Bill Clinton would have. Instead, he guided us through the morass like a beacon in the night. The entire economy could have collapsed, but George W. Bush stood like a mighty oak to support us all in our time of need. As usual, George W. Bush utilized his Harvard MBA and prevented a financial apocalypse with his steady hand.

Finally, who else would have had the courage and resolve to lead us to war with Iraq? Certainly not Walter Mondale. George W. Bush preserved the American way of life with this conflict. Had he not charged forward, we surely would have lost our freedoms.

So the next time you talk to George W. Bush, thank him for his brave leadership. Tell him how you looked up to him as a father figure when you were scared out of your wits. Tell him how his courage inspired you to stand on your own two feet and overcome your fears.

Will there ever be another President like George W. Bush? Probably not in this century or any other.

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