Labor Day is Un-American

Every year in September, the communists and socialists have their day to celebrate. Labor Day smacks of Marxism and it is un-American. It simply must be changed.

So why do we allow this holiday to continue? Is it because the ruling elite and the successful business people want to appease the lowly worker? Do they want to ‘throw a bone’ to the laborer and prevent a bloody revolt?

We all know that Capitalism made America the greatest nation in the history of the world – hands down. Other than current-day China, communism has failed every time and place people have tried it.

More often than not, people under communist rule yearn for freedom. Tragically, this quest for liberty often ends in brutal death. The communists often enjoy putting on public display of slaying dissidents in order to scare the remaining citizens into submission. Is that the kind of behavior we want to celebrate and glorify in America? The answer is no. I encourage you all to watch “The Killing Fields” to see the effects of communism.

Marxism celebrates Labor as the source of all value. Instead of celebrating Marxism, let’s celebrate Capitalism. Write your representatives, call you Conservative Republican radio hosts and spread the word about the campaign to replace “Labor Day” with something along the lines of “Capital Day” or “Capitalism Day.” Try to think of a better, catchier name if possible and let us know what you come up with.

We all enjoy a holiday now and then – despite the crippling consequences on the productivity of the economy. So we think it’s a fair trade-off to keep a holiday at the “unofficial end of summer,” but we need to celebrate something good, patriotic and American.

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