Red Staters, Blue Staters and the Liberal Media

We all know that Red, White and Blue and the American colors – they are right in our flag.

Even though it is the first one in that list, somehow red also became associated with communists, such as “Red China.” Of course, the flags of China and the former Soviet Union were mostly red.

With this in mind, why are freedom-loving Conservatives associated with red, while socialist Liberals are blue?

Clearly, the liberal media wanted to do everything in its power to make sure the Democrats weren’t saddled with the red label, because then it would be obvious to everyone that the liberals are a bunch of socialists and communists.

It goes without saying that neither party wanted to be associated with the color white because it is often used as a nickname for the European-American race.

Personally, blue is my favorite color in non-political matters. Thanks to the lousy liberal commies, now I have to wear red ties and so on. Thanks again, liberals :(

red states blue states

Red and Blue States – 2012 Election

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