The Greed of the Poor

Have you noticed how greedy poor people are? Always with a hand out. “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” they always say.

These laggards have no shame. They sit there waiting for the bloated benevolent government to send them checks. Do they work for these checks? No, they expect the rest of us to do all the work while they sit back and relax.

These mendicants don’t even want to pay for their own groceries. They expect the rest of us to funnel our tax dollars into their wallets. And like a bunch of suckers, we keep working our tails off just to pay our taxes to support the deadbeats. And what if Conservative Americans refuse to pay our taxes to support these lazy, shiftless spongers? We go to jail!

According to my local newspaper, the average freeloader can make $100-200 a day panhandling. Do you think these cadgers are paying taxes on their ill-gotten gains? Think again! If Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion, why do we let these slugabeds get away with it?

Of course the liberals are to blame for this malingerer culture. Liberals believe that if they keep robbing from the rich and giving to the loafers, the leeches will continue to vote Democrat. And why wouldn’t they?

People like to grandstand and brag about how wonderful they are for volunteering at soup kitchens. Why aren’t the indigent and homeless volunteering and working there? These sluggards are so arrogant that they demand to be served hand and foot by the taxpayer as if they are royalty. Who do they think they are? The Queen of England?

Volunteering at a soup kitchen does no good except one – making the volunteer feel stately. Otherwise it simply enables the paupers to continue their parasitic lifestyle.

So the next time one of these leeches asks you to fork over your hard-earned money, tell that moocher that you’re sick and tired of his or her greed!

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