The Night Before Movie Mockery

For the record, I haven’t seen the new movie The Night Before, and I certainly don’t intend to give them my money, based on the commercials. I suppose if they want to send me a link to a free copy online, I could watch to see if the commercials are misleading. Also, I’m all for the freedom of speech the allows people to make movies that offend others.

According to the commercials, it looks like a bunch of non-Christians are making a mockery of the Christian religion; and as always they are trying to take the Christianity out of Christmas.

So, why would a studio green-light a movie like this? OK, we all know the answer is that they want to make money. Is that a good reason to make movies like this? Is the freedom of speech a good reason to make movies like this?

So far I haven’t heard any uproar about this travesty. Maybe the Christians are so used to being derided and attacked by their Liberal comrades that they have simply quit fighting and have given up. Can you imagine the uproar if a bunch of non-Liberal people tried to mock something non-Christians consider sacred? The Liberal Media would have them for lunch.

Congratulations to the Liberals for taking over America. And congratulations to the people behind this movie – you got me to provide some of the beloved “free publicity.” And finally, Happy Holidays, as you demand that we wish everyone.


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